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Welcome to my site which is under construction. I have worked for Texas Star and Galaxy for two decades and I do know the Texas Star products. All schematics are available at http://www.CBTricks.com

It is my objective to build up an independent business of repairing these amplifiers. I do still have immediate access to all the parts which I will purchase directly from the owners of the business. Actually I do have a complete inventory of parts at my private business location.


The easiest solution for these repairs is to allow me to give some tech support or advice. This will be a free service, as long as it doesn't become overwhelming. I will try to provide some tech tips and advice.

I will request a digital picture of the defective amplifier and I will be able to try to troubleshoot from that.

If you are technically inclined, I will ask for some voltages and try to determine the problem. Then you can fix it yourself.

I suggest that you buy your parts from http://MaycomComm.com or from another source.


If you wish to ship the item to me, I will give a fair repair price. I will try to give an estimate before you ship it to me.


Thank you,


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